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  • width:811;;height:600
  •                                width:640;;height:412
  • Customer asked for a legendary healing hammer alliance stein. The hammer is the handle and the lion on the side is the alliance symbol. The other side of the stein has the priest symbol. Click the picture for more veiws of this stein. width:418;;height:600
  • Customer asked me to add a sword from a game he played as a handle to this stein. The stein is 12" tall and 4" wide. The names of players the customer raided with are all written on the stein in white gold embossing. width:267;;height:600
  • Turtle mug! This was a special order for a friend, I relly enjoyed making it and would be glad to make another simular. width:584;;height:600
  • The customer asked for an in game bow to act as a handle for this stein. The stein is 11 inches tall, names of all the people he played with are embossed in gold on top of a copper glaze. There is quite alot of gold on this piece made the pictures hard to get without glare. width:467;;height:600
  • This piece is still available for purchase. Please Email me of message me on Facebook for details. width:450;;height:600
  • Customer asked me to make a stein resembling a raid boss in a game he played. The lid that fits on top closes the mouth with teeth at the bottom. The tenticles the monster had made a handle and decorations, the game names of all the people they raided with are on the cup in a white gold embossment, the rim is embossed with white gold as well. The monster skin was a challenge I used a crackle tinted with an undercoat glaze. width:425;;height:600
  • Kitty mug with lid. The lid helps keep your hot liquids hot on those cold nights. Sold width:423;;height:600
  • Customer asked for a yin yang set of cups. If you click on the picture you can see the reverse side of the lids which have the anniversary of the couple in white gold embossment. width:640;;height:480
  • Customer asked me to make a gobblet for a wedding. Something signifying the unity between 2 people who loved nature and also identified themselves with the raccoon and the cat. I intertwined 2 tree trunks which appear to have grown into one tree. The raccoon and the cat at the bottom sitting together in a lovingly way. width:420;;height:600
  • Customer had a character in a game that was a warlock. Asked me to use the design of her in game staff as a handle. The warlock characters are associated with green fire. I used a drip in reverse to give the green fire look. Purple is also an associated color with the warlock characters, so the fire is on a purple background. width:467;;height:600
  • Customer asked me to make a present for their mom. She was described to me to personalize this piece. She had 6 grandchildren (snowballs with chubby cheeks), the grandkids called her "The nonnie" which I made to look embroidered on her scarf, her favorite color was pink, she loved Disney, went skiing in Tahoo every year, and loved snowmen. This is what I came up with for her. width:616;;height:600
  • Customer asked for an alliance paladin stein. The lion is the alliance symbol. width:640;;height:367
  • Beehive teapot, because bees are awesome. I love this teapot, unfortunatly it got chipped and is no longer available. If interested in one like it please contact me. width:640;;height:535
  • Customer asked for a number one nurse cup. I wrapped a stethescope around the cup and used it as a handle. If you click on the picture, you can see more veiws to see the other side. width:640;;height:568
  • width:842;;height:600
  • width:900;;height:370
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