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  • I made this dragon for my son's Girlfriend. My first attempt at a dragon on a vase. I did not press the vase out to make this one so it was heavy. I love how the green shoed up under the black crackle. width:450;;height:600
  • Water Dragon is part of my 4 piece series of the elements. (Earth, water, fire and air) I have been really enjoying making each one unique to their element. Water has several fins and his wings are unconventional, more like a pectorial fin much bigger and folded. I imagine him being able to fly or glide with them in air as well as swim. This piece is hand wheeled and hand sculpted, with a lot of detail. There is about 38 hours of work in him. width:450;;height:600
  • width:450;;height:600
  •  <a href=""target="_blank"><font color="cyan" size "5"><u>Available on Ebay</u></font></a><br />I loved making this one so much I decided to make it a set. I am making them represent the elements. This one is "Earth". I love how this one turned out. I wheeled the vase then pressed out the clay to make the shape of the body and the tail (you can see the indention from the inside). Click to see more details. width:450;;height:600
  • Air dragon is another part of the Elemental Dragon Collection she is a more whimsical dragon we can all picture ourselves taking flight on her back. The feathers are delicate and the light airy yellow color gives her a softer kinder look. The vase here is designed to resemble a tornado, with the swirls in a vortex of colors. width:484;;height:600
  • Fire dragon is a part of Elemental Dragon Collection. The vase is made to look like a volcano and the gragons skin is molten rock. I made this dragon look the meanest because lets face it when we think of fire dragons we think of the badass firebreathing beasts. width:450;;height:600
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