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  • This teapot is made by using 4 colors of clay and swirling them together on the wheel. The handle and inside of pot are glazed with weathered copper glaze. The rest of the teapot is glazed clear. width:586;;height:600
  • Nesting bowl set. Swirled clay bowls that fit together to make a rose like pattern. Click on picture to see the bowls unstacked. This set is sold, if you would like a set of bowls please send me a message. width:559;;height:583
  • 2 color swirl cup/mug. Holds 12 ounces of liquid. This one is sold. width:640;;height:584
  • This cup is still available. Holds aprox 12 ounces of fluid and is 4" high. Handle is comfortable and it looks like your holding the back of the snakes head when you use it. Message me for details. width:450;;height:600
  • This cup is available for purchase. The dinosaur is a bit heavy and it may be better suited for a pen or pencil holder. Message me for details. width:450;;height:600
  • Harmony swirled clay Stein/mug with twisted branch handle and butterfly on the side. The other side has a dragonfly. I love this piece. width:483;;height:600
  • Swirled clay vase all natural clay colors with clear glaze. I call it harmony because the colors go together so harmoniously. This vase is unavailable, it was given as a gift to someone who let me use their phone and stay in her air conditioned house while we waited for a tow truck. width:394;;height:600
  • Harmony is colored clay all wheeled together to make a swirl. No 2 can be alike. This one has scripture written on it. width:640;;height:562
  • Harmony teapot.  I used a weathered teal for the handle and the inside. The swirl turned out reall well in this piece. Click photo for multi veiw. This pot is available for purchase. width:553;;height:600
  • Goblet made of natural swirled clay colors. The tree of life is imbedded in the clay, the second layer of swirl shows through. width:347;;height:600
  • Swirled clay vase. I love how the colors come together. These pieces have to be sanded to get the mud from swirling on the wheel off the outter area of the piece. Sanding it reveals the colors (though before they are fired they all look a bit alike and it is hard to tell one color from the other sometimes. When you see the contrasting colors while sanding it's always cool to see what patterns will emerge. width:473;;height:600
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