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  • Aches and Pains Balm<br />For use on sore muscles, arthritis, bruises, lumps and bumps. Also known to work on headaches when rubbed into the temples<br /> width:900;;height:477
  • Refresh Goats Milk Soap  uses Eucaliptus and peppermint to refresh your skin and make you feel re-energized! Great cooling effect in the summer. width:402;;height:600
  • Creamsicle Goats milk soap has Orange oil and vanilla bean to make a creamy citrus scent. The bentonite clay helps pull impurities gently from your skin and also helps protect against nicks while shaving! width:399;;height:600
  • Acne and Ivy Buster. Rich lathering Goats Milk and Activated Charcoal Soap with added essential oils that help by pulling the toxins from your skin and replacing them with beneficial herbal essential oils width:504;;height:600
  • Itches and Ouchies Balm<br />For use on just about everything. Burns, poison ivy, bug bites, wounds, fine lines and wrinkles, and much more<br /> width:627;;height:600
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