Dragon Exhibit Natural History Museum

Dragon Exhibits Natural History Museum

Design and Build Photo Gallery

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Dragon Exhibits Natural History Museum

Dragon Head 2018 Exhibit

More details on the Dragon Exhibit and artists on the project at the Natural History Museum 

Dragon Exhibits Natural History MuseumVideos

Build videos of the Dragon Exhibit.

Full Size Dragon Coming 2020!

We will be making a life sized Dragon, roughly 30 feet head to tail in for the exhibit in 2020! Olin Gallery Roanoke VA

Life size Dragon Exhibits Natural History Museum Smithsonian

Where Dragon’s came from

I am beyond excited for the opportunity we have been given to do some amazing large, no HUGE projects for the Dragon Research Collaborative!

We have begun design and construction of the first of two life size Dragon Exhibits for the Natural History Museum Smithsonian in Martinsville Virginia. We’re starting with a 5 Foot dragon head and mural for the exhibit. I will be working with David Husser another local artist who will be creating a backdrop forest/dragon body mural and my husband who will do the many things he does. We will be giving regular updates on the construction process in the form of news posts and Youtube videosCome and see how history, science and art can make dragons come to life!  The exhibit will be at the Museum of Natural History Smithsonian for the Dragon festival (Oct. 20th 2018) From there it will be at Olin Gallery at Roanoke in Jan 2020 which will be a huge 3 month exhibit!  After the big 2020 exhibit it will move on to a traveling exhibit.    We will be promoting the 2020 exhibit by taking the wall mural and dragon head to events and comic cons all over in 2019. See our schedule of events if your interested in seeing us at one of them.


Dragon Exhibits Natural History Museum
Dragon Exhibits Natural History Museum
Concept art by David Husser