Our Trophy Dragons and Monsters!

My dragons and other mythological creature creations are made mainly with recycled bed sheets! The eyes are made from glass that is painted on the back side. The result is a realistic eye that follows you! Horns are made from several materials depending on the look we are going for, they can be anything from Paper clay to cloth, or even 3d prints!  The cloth scales must be folded one by one then overlapped which takes a ton of time and patience. Some pieces like the one pictured left are made from paper clay, glow in the dark paint was added between each scale and his eyes are back lit with LED’s.

Each piece of art done by The Color of Mud is hand made with great care to the tiniest of details. “I feel that art should have movement and personality. You look at a piece and have it speak to you.”~ J. Leigh

I hope you love my dragons and other creatures as much as I do!

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Wall Trophy Dragons

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