Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace!

All my necklaces are wearable, usable, pieces of art!

Each necklace is made with a hand sculpted clay vial that is wire wrapped and decorated with a removable cork. The corks are topped with a bead or other way to help remove it and chained to the necklace wire wrap to stop you from losing it.

My oil diffuser necklaces are made with clay and absorb essential oil into the unglazed center then the scent but not the oil itself is released. The difference between these oil diffuser necklaces is the glaze! By glazing then corking the top we seal the tiny vial, not being exposed to air helps make the scent last longer! Simply lift cork off the top and fill with your favorite essential oil! The oil will slowly diffuses the scent of oils. The first time you fill it up it will last a day or 2, the 2nd time you fill it, it will last a week or 2. The 3rd time it can last months.  Some oils last longer than others, I have had thicker more potent oils last up to a year!

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Diffuser Necklaces

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