Renfaire days and dragon building

Dragons, Videos, and Renfaires!

While attending the Renaissance Festival we have made (or at least Mike has made) great strides in getting the museum dragon well on it’s way. Video of Mike making the frame should be available soon as should the intro video for the museum project.  

 I am happy to report the frame for the museum dragon head/mural is almost done! This next week I will be adding some muscle structure to her and begin the shaping of her face! Yay for progress! 

 As you know we are attending the Virginia Renaissance Faire. I love vending Renfaires, though some weekends can be rough! Others seem to make up for it. 

Last week was so much rain I ended up abandoning my tent and sleeping in the car. Then the following day I met Maugorn The Stray
Minstrel At Large. He had a sonnet about Medusa which he shared with us.  The sonnet is as follows: 


 Steve Haug (aka Maugorn The Stray)

Medusa, I have known you in my dreams
I’m haunted by your form in feverish nights
Awakened by a bursting of my seams
A passion hard as granite I can’t fight

Medusa, I have known you from afar
Each living strand of hair identified
I’ve watched, sails plastered ‘gainst tumescent spar
In breathless admiration, petrified

Medusa, I know if I meet your eyes
I’ll face the fate of those who’ve sought your hand
Against those foes, my spear would proudly rise
No bolder end could be than that last stand:

A statue stiff as stone for all to see
A monument to love eternally

Having him read this allowed to me made my day! I received an email from the Minstrel and he wrote something new labeled “Dragons”! But, that’s a sonnet for another day…