“My dragon and me at the Virginia Museum of Natural History. He is just a little guy compared to the one we are making for the exhibit!”

Finally a Blog post!

Dragon Festival

I have put this off long enough! There is so much happening in the studio, how should I start?! I will start with the more exciting stuff and get you guys all filled in and up to date.  As you may or may not know we are working on the first of 2 life sized dragon projects. We have committed to doing time lapse for the project and should have the first video out soon. Yay! If you want to know more about the dragon projects  go here: http://thecolorofmud.com/dragonproject/ and read all about it! As of today the metal frame is almost finished thanks to my husband who is my all things engineering and technical guy!  He is aiming to be finished with the frame by next week, then I can start making him come alive! Meanwhile David Husser is working on the wall mural so we have a seamless project ready for the Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsville and Olin Gallery at Roanoke college. We have until Sept 19th to finish it all and get it put up at the gallery for showing with the rest of the exhibit. It will move from there to the Museum in Martinsville, VA. Both projects are huge and we are excited to be a part of it. Make sure you make plans to come see us at The Dragon Festival Oct 20 2018! Not just to see my project but many others that will be part of the whole. 



Virginia Renaissance Faire

We are at the Renfest in Spotsylvania Virginia located behind Lake Anna Winery through June 10th. The first weekend was beautiful and we said goodbye to Copper (one of my dragons) as he found a new home. It is always bitter sweet to sell a piece you spend so much time creating. I also sold ‘Bob’ (the big green dragon) but he gets to hang out with us a bit longer before he goes to his new home.  The second weekend was a bit wet, though people still came out and we had a good time.  I have been putting a ton of thought into a bigger more permanent tent for renfests as set up and tear down 5 weeks in a row is a bit rough.  This weekend is supposed to be rather nice, and I have Evan coming out to work/hang with me, am looking forward to it. 


Things have been a bit hectic with doing the show, working on museum projects and keeping up with stock for the show.  I enjoy keeping busy, but I also enjoy sleep here and there. LOL  I have started a few smaller dragons a few weeks ago and hope to get them finished on time to take them (or at least one of them) to the Renfest before it’s over.  Come on out and say “hi”. We keep extra cold water around on hot days. Buy a mug we will fill it throughout the show for you free of charge! Hydration is important, especially if in full garb on a hot day!







“We are at the Virginia Renaissance Faire for the next 3 weeks (through June 10th). Look for the most colorful tent and there, thar be dragons.”