Copper Dragon


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Copper Dragon!

A Copper Dragon to mount on your wall and brag about your conquest to friends and family! He is made from 85% recycled materials and is hand sculpted and hand painted. The base he is mounted to is ()” and hand made as well.  His eyes are made from a full half sphere and as such the eyes follow you across the room.  Anybody can have a deer mounted on the wall, but how many people have a dragon on the wall?!

“Copper” has a new technique for the membrane at the sides of his mouth in the back. IT’s a tiny thing I know but it makes me happy! He is also the first and so far only dragon with 3D printed scales. The scales took roughly 160 hours to print, and were printed on cloth to make them move fluidly and allow us to more easily add them onto the dragon.


Please message me about possible pickup on this item as it is large and you can save the shipping costs if you are close enough to come pick it up.

(need measurements and weight in description)

Additional information

Weight30 lbs
Dimensions30 × 30 × 40 in


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